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Delete capital y




delete capital y & follow further inst

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Submitted By: Jai Parkash on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 717
Characters: 210
If u luv sum1 truly

If u luv sum1 truly,
then recharge my mobile vd
atleast rs 50/-
u'll get married to ur luv!!
dont ignore! its working!!
at least try!!

Submitted By: Katyal on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 752
Characters: 147
Jee kare aapke paas aaun

Jee kare aapke paas aaun
aapke paas aake ruk jaun.
na baithoon na boloon..
bas aapki aankh mein
santre ka chhilka nichod k bhaag jaun.

Submitted By: Sunidhi on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 799
Characters: 155
Kuch log

Kuch log
perfect hote hain..
k unke liye taareef k alfaaz kam pad jaate hain..
for example
mujhe hi dekh lo!!!

Submitted By: Sahil on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 753
Characters: 163
Nobody teaches

Nobody teaches volcanoes to erupt,

Tsunamis to arise,

hurricanes to sway around,

no one teaches how to choose a
natural disasters just happen!!!


Submitted By: Rajat on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 754
Characters: 175
3 birds were flying

In 1975,
3 birds were flying & suddenly died
& fell down..
so simple!
in sholay?
gabbar ne 3 goliyan hawa
me chalai thi..


Submitted By: Anil on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 737
Characters: 152
4 roses

4 roses,
just 4u,

1st for friendship,

2nd for wealth,

3rd for happiness
last one- kaan ke upar laga lena!
mast lagega

Submitted By: Sumit Rana on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 680
Characters: 137
Luv funda for guys

Luv funda for guys-
buy a scooty
pick up a beauty
drink a fruity
take her to ooty
during night,
do ur duty
after 9 mths get a cutie..

Submitted By: Tarun on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 743
Characters: 149
All men r born free & equal

Its true that all men
r born free & equal..

ya but some of them
get married..

Submitted By: Govind on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 674
Characters: 91
Tumari yaad dil se

Tumari yaad dil se jane nahi denge,
tumhare jaise dost khone nahi denge,
sharafat se Regular Contact mein rahna,
warna bahut marenge aur rone nahi denge

Submitted By: Govind on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 717
Characters: 155
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