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Religion, the worship of God

Religion, the worship of God.
Religion, the roads to our path.
Religion, the reason for Christian church.
Religion, the reason for Hindu temple.
Religion, the reason for Muslim Mosque.

But now, what has become the reason for Religion
It has become the reason for struggle.
The struggle between two men, two women.
The struggle between two communities.
It has become the reason for the death of thousands.
The reason for breaking of India into two parts.
Two parts, India and Pakistan.
Hindus says their religion takes us to God.
Muslim says their's religion take us to God.
Christian says so, all of them.
All the religion, takes us to right path,
Then what is the struggle all about,
Religion are roads to reach a definite path.

Will no Mahatma Gandhi be born again
Born again to stop the on going violence.
Will no Jawahar Lal Nehru be born again.

Born again to care the children, the future of India.
Will no Mother Taresa be born Again to take care,
To take care of the slums who have no religion,
As no religion teaches us to use violence.

Submitted By: Harpreet on 20 -Nov-2010 | View: 4107
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