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Jaanwar Ho kya?

Train Chali
Bheed Badhi

Itne Me Break

Ladki Boli-
Janawar Ho kya?

Ladka-Jaan To Tum Ho,
Hum to War Hai.

Submitted By: Rajat on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1317
Characters: 126
Daag achhe hain..

Girl kisses a boy on the face n d
boy gets a mark of her lipstick.
Ladka:Ye kya?
Ladki:-kuch achha krne me daag
lage to daag achhe hain..

Submitted By: Jai Parkash on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1099
Characters: 146
Lutero ne ladki ke zevar loot liye

Lutero ne ladki ke zevar loot liye.
Log bole:
"Shukar karo ladki ki izzat nahi looti".
Ladki chillai,"Saalon.!
izzat bech-bech kar hi to zevar
liye the."

Submitted By: Mukesh Rastogi on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1188
Characters: 159
Love is the second mistake

Love is the second mistake created by
ofcourse girls are the first.
but the fact is that both are beautiful

Submitted By: Mukesh Rastogi on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1069
Characters: 126
Gold rate is increasing

Gold rate is increasing day by day!
i'm so worried abt u!
b careful!
sum1 may kidnap u!
coz u've a 24 carat pure gold's
heart n smile!!

Submitted By: Jai Parkash on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1014
Characters: 145
Life is pretty much unpredictable

Life is pretty much unpredictable.
i may not live long enough but i won't
miss out letting you know that life is
worth living with someone like
you around.

Submitted By: Vivek on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1036
Characters: 159
Jab tumhe dekhu

Jab tumhe dekhu my dil start flying,
tumse baat karu toh I keep trying,
jab tumse door jaau I feel like crying,

are itna tension
math lo I was telling lie.

Submitted By: Sahil on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 965
Characters: 161
The length & breadth

The length & breadth & height of you,
total up to quite a view,

but to taste the true delight of you,
I'll have to take a bite of u.

Submitted By: Swapneel on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1013
Characters: 137
Jo nazar se guzar jaaya karte hain

Jo nazar se guzar jaaya karte hain
woh sitaare aksar toot jaya karte hain
kuchh log dard ko bayaan nahi karte
bus chup chap bikhar jaya karte hain

Submitted By: Imtiyaz on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1072
Characters: 149
Flirting is still free

Government imposing new taxes. dating rs.10,
hug rs.20,
kiss rs.30,
love rs.50. but you don't worry,
flirting is still free.

Submitted By: Katyal on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1056
Characters: 132
Always be happy

Always be happy,
always wear a smile,
not because life is full of reasons
to smile but because ur smile
itself is a reason for many others
to smile...

Submitted By: Rajat on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1011
Characters: 155
I'd be your tear

If i could be any part of you,
I'd be your tear,
to be conceived in your heart,
born in your eyes,
live on your cheeks,
and die on your lips.

Submitted By: Sumit Rana on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1037
Characters: 146
Hasino ne gunah kiya

Hasino ne hasin bankar gunah kiya,
auro ko to thik ham ko bhi tabah kiya,
pesh kiya jab gazlo me unki bevafai
auro ne to thik unhone bhi wah wah

Submitted By: Gagan Deep on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1029
Characters: 159
Alcoholic heart

One who somes,
has a smoky heart,
one who drinks,
has an alcoholic heart..
so dear u must stop eating sweets..
as u r already a sweetehart!

Submitted By: Vikram on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1186
Characters: 144
Katl karna hai to nayan se kar

katl karna hai to nayan se kar,
talwar mein kya rakha hai,
ki na ho takleef,
ki na ho takleef,
mujhe sir jhukane ki
aur tumhein talwar uthaaney ki

Submitted By: Govind on 22 -Apr-2010  View: 1386
Characters: 151
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